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We see ourselves as mentors for the kids: not only tutoring them but also assisting them in their difficulties and teaching them social skills.

We collaborate with many clubs in Union College to host many recreational and academical for the kids.

We are partnering with Schenectady Community Ministries (SICM) to add more classrooms and expand our office space to the new location.

Want to help create better environments for these unlucky children? We welcome any volunteers! 


COCOA House is a place where at-risk youth gather together and enjoy safe, entertaining, and academic after-school activities.

Let's hear our director Will Rivas sharing his thoughts:

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T: (518) 930-8308 (Mr. Will Rivas)



Jan 10th, 2021: Our Forum is available for people to join and together share constructive ideas on what we can do to improve COCOA House further.

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